Rotary Club of Kalamazoo Documents

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Rotary Club of Kalamazoo - Charities Grant Application.pdf152 KB07/25/23 at 10:25 AM
rotary_basics_en.pdf5 MB07/15/23 at 07:12 PM
Conflict of Interest Policy.docx19 KB06/14/23 at 06:43 AM
Committee Responsibilities_2023-24.pdf236 KB05/13/23 at 11:36 AM
housing_proj_pr_22.pdf59 KB12/30/22 at 02:08 PM
Red Rose 2023 Form.pdf794 KB12/12/22 at 05:45 PM
CommitteeList-Leadership_2021-22.pdf111 KB06/07/22 at 02:37 PM
kids_thankyous_22.pdf684 KB06/06/22 at 02:30 PM
rotary_hero_d6360_22.pdf1 MB05/31/22 at 07:07 AM
ukraine_04-18-2022.pdf270 KB04/18/22 at 07:04 AM
Late Moses Walker to be Honored by Rotary Club with Red Rose Citation.doc100 KB10/07/21 at 02:18 PM
Moses Walker Red Rose Citation PR.pdf205 KB10/07/21 at 02:15 PM
rotary_hero_21.pdf839 KB10/07/21 at 07:50 AM
DisCon 2020 Hero book featuring Dan Hartlieb.pdf6 MB09/21/20 at 01:06 PM
Rotary minutes from history - 65 pages.pdf1 MB09/09/20 at 11:03 AM
How to add members to committees.pdf1 MB06/24/20 at 09:49 AM
Club service activity 2018-19.pdf99 KB03/05/20 at 07:24 AM
Rotary Minute Weekly History 2015.doc457 KB08/20/19 at 07:44 AM
Committee responsibilities 2019-20.pdf244 KB08/19/19 at 03:08 PM
Century of Service - Club History.pdf405 KB12/04/18 at 07:49 AM
Business Sponsorship Guidelines 2018-2019.pdf118 KB11/11/18 at 06:39 PM
Foundations At-A-Glance.pdf117 KB05/10/18 at 12:39 PM
Committee Responsibilities 2018-19.pdf244 KB05/10/18 at 07:28 AM
Rotary Is For Reading slides.ppt781 KB03/02/18 at 04:39 AM
Satellite Informational Meeting Feb 21.pdf592 KB02/19/18 at 06:01 PM
Rotary Is For Reading Article.pdf88 KB02/19/18 at 05:10 AM
BYLAWS 03-2017.pdf163 KB02/11/18 at 02:49 PM
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