Club Anniversary

The Rotary Club of Kalamazoo was founded December 29, 1914.  During the 2014-2015 Rotary Year we hear a Rotary Minute each week highlighting a club meeting or activity that occured that week sometime in our history.

At our memorial 12/29 meeting we heard:

On Tuesday, December 29, 1914, four days after Christmas, the Kalamazoo Rotary Club was founded. Ten business leaders of Kalamazoo met at the Park-American Hotel, 313-325 E. Main (now East Michigan Avenue) then acknowledged to be the city’s leading hotel, for lunch. The three story yellow brick structure stood where the YWCA now stands on Michigan Avenue..... 

Geo. Pulver, Will Brownell, Fred Bond, Edmund Munro, Alex Clark, John Johnson, Geo. Hanselman, Frank Bowen, John Ryan and Geo. Wiggington met this day....


The complete story as well as those since the start of our Centennial year 7/7/14 are available HERE.