Club President
Timothy Kilmartin
Timothy Kilmartin
Rotary International
District 6360

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Club Committees
Board Of Directors Kilmartin, Timothy "Tim" - President
  Zocher, Bryan - Past-President
  Brandenberger, Jeannie - Secretary
  Anspaugh, Lisa - Treasurer
  Coyle, James "Jim"
  Fergemann, Ann
  Kent-Bracken, Gary
  Peregon, Kenneth "Ken"
  Ross, Jeff
  Weeldreyer, Seth
Sergeant-At-Arms Schut, Daniel "Dan" - Co-Chair
  Deniston, Larry - Co-Chair
Program Isch, Heather - Co-Chair
  Coyle, James "Jim" - Co-Chair
Music Kilmartin, Timothy "Tim" - Chair
Club History Bliesener, Sandy - Chair
  Kent-Bracken, Gary - Chair
Blood Drive Young, Kenneth "Ken" - Chair
Table Hosts Ross, Jeff - Chair
Club Contributions DeBoer, William "Bill" - Chair
Literacy Brozovich, Kevin - Chair
Strive Zoeller, Mary - Chair
Red Kettle (for Salvation Army) Khaja, Zaf - Chair
World Community Service Kunkle, Doris "Dori" - Chair
International Youth Exchange Misner, Craig - Chair
Classification Ihling, Thomas "Tom" - Chair
Bulletin Remmert, Amelia "Amy" - Chair
Public Relations Chambers, Rick - Chair
Website Brown, Timothy "Tim" - Chair
Rotary Foundation Williams, Michael "Mike" - Chair
Audit Committee McIntyre, James "Jim" - Chair
Arts Williams, Terry "Terry" - Chair
Events Committee Carter, Cynthia "Cindy" - Chair
Red Rose Award Murphy, Jefferson "Jeff" - Chair
Community Projects Bell, Rex - Chair
Parliamentarian Godfrey, Lisa - Chair
Meeting Site Remmert, Amelia "Amy" - Chair
Membership Development Zoeller, Mary - Chair
Rotaract Bell, Rex - Chair
Rotary Information
Cupper, James "Jim" - Chair


Meeting Time & Location Information
Monday at 12:00 PM
125 South Kalamazoo Mall
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007  map it


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